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Kitchen canopy and extractor fan cleaning is crucial to commercial kitchens across Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas. A difficult but essential job, our hassle-free kitchen canopy and extractor fan cleaning service ensure that the job is done properly and thoroughly. 

It is important that commercial kitchens keep up-to-date with the cleaning of their kitchen canopy and extraction unit. Without proper maintenance, kitchen canopies and extractor fans are a fire hazard. 
Despite the presence of filters in the kitchen canopy and extractor fan, some grease will still find their way into the ducting. These deposits are a serious fire risk, as well as a hygiene hazard. Failure to keep the extraction unit to an acceptable clean standard can result in insurance becoming void or being withdrawn. 
With over twenty-five years in the business, our experience means that we can usually access the canopy and filters so that they can be properly cleaned as part of the normal cleaning routine. 
However, ducting behind the filters is often not able to be reached and cleaned to standard by catering staff. This is where Gooch Group’s specialist team of kitchen canopy and extractor fan cleaning staff can help. 
We have staff trained to clean those hard-to-reach areas and are able to provide access to additional equipment, such as scaffolding or access to machinery for additional sales. We can even replace your filters for you if required. 
The ducting will be cleaned in line with regulations (TR19) and will provide an invoice as proof of cleaning, as well as a maintenance sticker to display on the unit with a reminder of when the next clean is due. 
The recommendation for cleaning is based on the number of operational hours. In line with current legislation we recommend the following: 
Heavy Use 
12-16 hours use per day 
Cleaning is required every 3 months 
Moderate Use 
6-12 hours use per day 
Cleaning is required every 6 months 
Light Use 
2-6 hours use per day 
Cleaning is required every 12 months 
We understand the limitations that working in the catering and hospitality industry brings. Our flexible service means that we can accommodate your needs with hours to suit your requirements, as well as scheduling your automated future cleans so that you have one less thing to remember. When the next clean is due, we will contact you to let you know. 
Why choose Gooch Group? 
Our team of experienced, reliable, fully trained, insured, police-vetted and trustworthy cleaners are available for commercial and domestic kitchen canopy and extraction fan cleaning across Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas. 
With over thirty years in the business, Gooch Group still retains the exceptional customer care and attention to detail that Colin Gooch first delivered when he launched the company back in 1990. Those early days catapulted us to where we are today, a thriving, family-run specialist commercial, office and government cleaning and facilities management company. 
Our outstanding range of tailored professional services for commercial spaces, homes, offices, government buildings and public sector facilities are led by Colin and his family team of Maggie, Sam and Danielle. 
Speak to the team today by calling the office on (01242) 528 564. 
If you would like to request a quotation for Kitchen Canopy & Extraction Fan Cleaning tailored to your specific needs, or would just like some more information from one of our friendly team of experienced professionals, please contact us today. We're here to help! 
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