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Our specialist needle sweep team are on hand to safely clear properties, garage areas, car parks, parks, public toilets, libraries, alleyways and other spaces in Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas, of high-risk, hazardous waste.

These spaces used by drug addicts, require an expert needle sweep to remove syringes, products contaminated with body fluids, hidden needles and human waste. Clinical waste, these products must be cleared away by fully trained specialists.

Using the correct Personal Protection Equipment and Sharp Boxes, Gooch Group’s experienced and specially trained needle sweep team will ensure that the clinical waste is properly removed and disposed of, preventing any contamination or danger to the public.

Services we can provide:

  • Fully trained staff wearing appropriate PPE will evaluate the site for hidden dangers
  • Remove any contaminated items e.g. syringes, needles, spoons, foil raps
  • Notify the police of any drugs found on the premises who will remove and safely dispose of all items
  • Check the whole area for hidden stashes of needles and drugs
  • Check damaged wall areas for needles
  • Clean and sanitise the area as per your instruction

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