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Kitchen Canopy & Extractor Fan Cleaning

Kitchen Canopy & Extractor Fan Cleaning

A Majority of catering establishments and other business which provide catering services do not keep upto date with the cleaning of their kitchens canopy and extraction unit.

Although these canopy and extraction units have filters in, which act to catch the grease some amount of grease will make it into the ducting and it’s these deposits which pose a fire risk as well as a hygiene risk. Failure to keep the extract unit to an acceptable clean standard can result in insurance becoming void or being withdrawn.

The canopy and filters are usually accessible and able to be cleaned as part of the normal cleaning routine but often the ducting behind the filters is not able to be reached and cleaned to standard by catering staff. This is where Gooch Group can help. We have staff trained to clean these difficult to reach areas and can provide access equipment i.e. scaffolding or access machinery which will give access for cleaning. We can even replace your filters if required.

We clean the ducting in line with regulations (TR19) and will provide an invoice as proof of cleaning as well as a maintenance sticker to display on the unit as a reminder of when the next clean is due.

The recommendation for cleaning is based on the number of operational hours. In line with legislation we recommend the following:

Heavy Use
12-16 hours use per day
Cleaning is required every 3 months 

Moderate use
6-12 hours use per day
Cleaning is required every 6 months

Light Use
2-6 hours use per day
Cleaning is required every 12 months

We understand the limitations on working hours in the catering and hospitality industry and due to the flexibility of our business we can accommodate the needs of our customers with flexible hours to suit your business needs.

We can also book you into our system at a frequency which suits your business needs and contact you when the cleaning is due making it one less thing for you to remember.