Gooch Group Commercial Cleaning

Gooch Group Ltd is a family run business that was set up in the early 1990’s by Colin and Maggie Gooch to provide a professional cleaning service in Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas. Over the years the company has grown and we now offer every cleaning service that you may require.

Give Maggie Gooch, Danielle Gooch or Rachel Osborn a call today to get a free, no obligation quote on our cleaning services (01242) 528 564.

Silver, Gold, Brass & Copper Cleaning

If you want to see your precious metal items shining again but don’t have the energy or time to spend carrying out the job, then give Gooch Group Ltd a call. We have a specialist team that can complete the work for you. 

We can either carry out the cleaning at your premises or take the items away and return them to you when the job is completed.

Chandelier, Crystal & Cut Glass Cleaning

If you want to see your chandelier, crystal or cut glass restored to its former glory again but don’t have the energy or time to spend carrying out the job, then give Gooch Group Ltd a call. We have a specialist team that can do the work for you.

Our specialist staff will clean and polish the chandelier, crystal or cut glass using environmentally friendly cleaning products that will not harm the glass or metal work, but will leave it sparkling.


Graffiti Removal

It can be very stressful constantly seeing graffiti on your property (unless it’s a ‘Banksy’). However there are now ways that will remove it like magic. We take great care with our special cleaning solution that can remove any size of graffiti from painted walls, concrete, brickwork or storage buildings plus we are specialists in removing graffiti and cleaning Cotswold Stone. We can also remove any graffiti from wood and furniture. This is a quick professional effective and inexpensive way to keep the environment and your property clean and graffiti free.


Deep Kitchen Cleans

Commercial and domestic kitchens need a periodic deep clean to ensure that they are clean, grease free and meet the environmental food safety standards. We will work around your business needs and provide the service you require during the hours that you are not trading and make sure that the area is clean and usable each day while the work is being carried out.


House Clearance

Gooch Group Ltd offers a complete house clearance service, that will reduce the stress out of having to deal with bereavement or a change in circumstances. Our professional team will undertake all of the tasks below with absolute sensitivity and leave the property empty, clean and ready for you to sell or return to the landlord. Our speciality in house clearances also include hoarded properties and void properties some of which may also have bodily fluid issues, drug paraphernalia or problems with pests.


Gutter, Fascia, Cladding

Regular maintenance on your property can save you money in the future as well as improve the appearance of your property. Blocked overflowing gutters can cause your property damage, causing you damp problems that will need expensive repairs in the future. From time to time fascias, soffit boards, cladding and canopy’s become dirty and unsightly, spoiling the appearance of your property, regular maintenance can prevent this from happening.