Gooch Group Commercial Cleaning

Gooch Group Ltd is a family run, professional cleaning company offering specialist cleaning services in Cheltenham as well as the surrounding areas in Gloucestershire.

From Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Environmental Jobs to Silver Cleaning and Road Sweeping. If it can be cleaned, we have the teams here to do the job, even if it's at short notice.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer professional carpet cleaning services to everyone in our service area. We use special machines and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that allow us to dry your carpets in less than 30 minutes - we can also remove most stains from nail varnish, red wine and bodily fluids. 


Commercial Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning services are available to everyone in our service area.  We specialise in commercial window cleaning including retail outlets, office blocks, shops, schools and hotels, as well as large domestic properties.


Pressure Washing

With over 24 years experience our pressure washing services can help keep your home or business clean and safe. We can clean everything from carparks, garden walls, driveways to stadiums and much, much more. 


Road Sweeping Services

We can keep your car parks, alleyways and paths clean, safe and hazard free with our road sweeping services. We can provide you with either one-off or regular road sweeping services in the Gloucestershire area. 


Needle Sweep

Sometimes properties, garage areas, car parks, parks, public toilets, libraries, alley ways and almost anywhere out of the limelight can be used by drug addicts, who may leave behind products contaminated with body fluids, hidden needles and human waste. These products need to be cleared away by fully trained specialists, using the correct Personal Protection Equipment and Sharp Boxes and disposed of in a safe way to avoid contamination and a danger to the public.


Trauma Cleaning

We offer many trauma cleaning services including cleaning up bodily fluids. Don’t be embarrassed, however bad the property is we can clean it for you, even if you don’t live nearby. We have a team of cleaners that specialise in the trauma cleaning jobs. They go to trauma cleaning jobs on a day-to-day basis and have seen absolutely every situation possible, so please do not be embarrassed to call Gooch Group Ltd for more information on how we can help you, or your family members out.